Wan-Ling Huang 黃婉玲
(IPUG Director, 2018.8.1-now)
Research Interests: S&T Policy and Management, Organizational Theory and Behavior, Environment Policy

Jung-Ying Chang 張容瑛
(IPUG Director, 2017.8.1-2018.7.31)
Research Interests: Urban and Regional Planning, Political Economy of Urban and Regional Development, Cultural Economic Geography

Wen-Chun Chang 張文俊
(IPUG Director, 2016.8.1-2017.7.31)
Research Interests: Public Choice, Public Finance, Social and Cultural Economy

Chia-Ho Ching 金家禾
(IPUG Director, 2015.08.01-2016.07.31)
Research Interests: Urban Planning, Globalization and Regional Development

Muh-Chyng Guh 顧慕晴
(IPUG Director, 2014.12.26-2015.07.31)
Research Interests: Public Administration,Ethics for Public Service,Comparative Administration, History of Chinese Political Institutions, History of Chinese Administrative Institutions, Development Administration

Jian-Rong Su 蘇建榮
(IPUG director, 2014.08-2014.12)
Research Interests: Econometrics and Theory of Taxation

Shih-Kung Lai 賴世剛
(founding director, 2011-2014)
Research Interests: Plan-based actions in complex systems Behavioral planning theory, and Understanding urban development process

Fisher Ssu-Ming Chang 張四明
Research Interests: Public Policy, Government Budgeting, and Performance Management

Chung-Bang Weng 翁仲邦
Research Interests: Weight Control Behavior、Physical Activity for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention、Health Informatics

Yun-Shan Chan 詹昀姍
Research Interests: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Microeconomics

You-Ping Cheng 鄭又平
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, and Public Policy

Wen-I Lin 林文一
Research Interests: British Urban Renaissance, Regeneration and Governance, Sustainable Community, and Chinese Urbanization

Chien-Wen Peng 彭建文
Research Interests: 不動產景氣、不動產市場、住宅政策

Yu-I Peng 彭祐宜
Research Interests: Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Labor Economics, and Political Economy

Chien-Ming Lee 李堅明
Research Interests: 環境成本會計分析、最適控制模型分析、氣候變遷經濟分析

Chian-Yue Wang 王千岳
Research Interests: Economic Geography, Spatial Econometrics, Spatial Data Analysis

Tzu-Han Maria Yang 楊子菡
Research Interests: International Economics, Industrial Organization, and Public Finance and Social Welfare

Chia-Tsung Yeh 葉佳宗
Research Interests: Landscape Ecology, Spatial Strategy Planning, and Urban Ecology

Ta-Kang Yeh 葉大綱
Research Interests: Elementary Surveying, Computer Aided Design, Natural Disaster and Satellite Information, Cartography, Satellite Surveying, Surveying Practice, Global Positioning System, Quality Control on Surveying

Tony Shun-Te You 游舜德
Research Interests: 不動產開發、管理、營運與投資評估、購物中心營運績效管理、聚集經濟行為與外部效果、都市商業中心發展、都市與不動產市場調查分析與行銷策略規劃

Shu-li Huang 黃書禮
Research Interests: Urban planning, Urban Ecology, Environmental Protection & Conservation

Chia-An Ku ​顧嘉安
Research Interests: Adapting strategies of climate change, Disaster management,​Modelling urban land-use change

S​su-Hsien Chen 陳思先
Research Interests: Interlocal Collaboration, Public Policy, Regional Governance

Chih-Yu Wang 王之佑
Research Interests: Ecological engineering, Green facilities, Ecological Restoration

Tsui-Fang Lin 林翠芳
Research Interests: Health Economics、Public Finance、Education and Welfare policy

Chien-Hao Fu 傅健豪
Research Interests: Public Finance, Economics of Aging, Health Economics

Chen-Yuan Teng 鄧軫元
Research Interests: Public Finance, Economics

Chih-Mei Luo 羅至美
Research Interests: European Integration, Globalization, Economic Policy-making & Governance, Public Policy Theory, Political Economy, British Politics

Chihsin Chiu 邱啟新
Research Interests: Planning Theory, Qualitative analysis

Liao Kuei-Hsien 廖桂賢
Research Interests: Urban sustainability Flood adaptation in the urban area, Urban sustainability, Urban stream and river management, Green infrastructure

Shu-Yi Chiu 邱淑宜
Research Interests: Cultural and creative industries, the development of the cultural and creative worker.

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