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Sep. 9th, 2014 [Announcement] Important Announcement for IPUG students

Dear All,
Starting from the Academic Year of 2014, the IPUG makes adjustments for requirement of credits, supervision system, and course registrations. Please read closely to the following announcements:

Current students: students who enrolled in (and before) the Academic Year of 2013.
New students: students who enrolls in (and after) the Academic Year of 2014.
IPUG students: refer to both current and new students.

  1. Requirement of credits
    1. Current students are required to take 30 credits from courses and complete their Master’s thesis (six credits).
    2. New students are required to take 24 credits from courses (12 required credits and 12 elective credits) and complete their Master’s thesis.
  2. Credit transferring and course waiving: IPUG students who take English-instructed courses at graduate-level in NTPU and meet the following criteria could apply for credit transferring and course waiving.
    1. Current students: the courses are completed with a minimum grade of 80 and have to be approved by the IPUG Meeting. The maximum number of transferred credits is nine credits.
    2. New students: the courses have to be approved by the IPUG tutor or their supervisors.
  3. Supervision system: we will have IPUG students work closely with their supervisors. Therefore, we require IPUG students to choose their supervisors and submit “Student Supervisor Agreement” to the IPUG office by the end of the first semester after their enrollment.
  4. “Independent Study”
    1. “Independent Study” is conducted by the supervisors; we require IPUG students to have supervisors and submit the “Student Supervisor Agreement”; otherwise, they are not allowed to take “Independent Study.”
    2. IPUG students have to discuss with their supervisors and set objectives for “Independent Study” at the beginning of each semester. Supervisors will evaluate students’ performance report based on those objectives at the end of each semester.
    3. Attention: “Independent Study” is the required course for new students; the course starts from the second semester after their enrollment. Therefore, we require new students to submit the “Student Supervisor Agreement” by the end of their first semester.
  5. Course Registration: we require IPUG students to
    1. discuss with their supervisors BEFORE course registration.
    2. print out the confirmation list from the course selection system, get approval (signature) from their supervisors, and hand in the list to the IPUG office before the end of course registration period.
    3. Attention: IPUG students who do not have supervisors should discuss with the IPUG tutor.

All the adjustments mentioned above are resolutions approved in the meetings within College of Public Affairs, National Taipei University. This English translation is for reference only. In the event of any discrepancy between the Chinese version and the English translation, the Chinese version shall prevail. If you have any inquiry or need further clarification, please contact the IPUG office.

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