A qualitative-led approach: governing the sustainable city and community

Since the 1990s, searching for a balance between economic growth, environmental quality and social justice seems to emerge as a core feature of urban politics and program worldwide. The particular problems of cities and regions in relation to massive urban restructuration, environmental crisis, social deprivation or conflict have caused politicians or academics to rethink the role, function and limitation of state or government. Under the discourse of promoting ‘good governance’, ‘participatory development’, or ‘environmental stewardship’, local governments, private enterprises and communities are asked to transform themselves to be more responsible and active for city’s problem and future. These transformative concepts have been institutionalized as and practiced by diverse agendas of reconfigure the state, new mechanisms of managing local affairs and service provisions, and new rules to regulate and organize the self-governance of local partnerships or communities. These institutionalization and practices have caused not only the urgent challenges for central and local governments, but also the new research topics for different academics and students. Accordingly, by employing the qualitative research methods, the part is seeking to explore the above challenges and topics, and study the interrelationships between governance, urban politics, planning, organizational mechanism and community. It bases upon the key conceptual debates and discourses of urban governance, such as the concepts of ‘governing without government’, partnership working, ‘new institutionalism’, liberal governmentality and public sphere. It seeks to connect these discourses with the international (such as EU’s and China’s) and Taiwan’s experiences of reforming governing institutions or organizations, and critically assess the implications of governing processes for the development of urban environment, politics, planning and community.

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