Financial Aids

Before study in NTPU

● Scholarship from NTPU

If you are interested in applying for scholarships or assistantships from IPUG, please indicate it when you fill in the Application Form in the online application system. For more information about IPUG scholarship, please refer to:

【International Program on Urban Governance at National Taipei University Review Regulations for Foreign Graduate Student Scholarship and Assistantship Applications】

● Scholarship outside of NTPU

Students are also encouraged to apply scholarships from Taiwan Government, such as:

(A) MOE Taiwan Scholarship

(B) MOST Taiwan Scholarship

(C) MOFA Taiwan Scholarship

After study in NTPU

Scholarship and assistantship opportunities are available to the IPUG students under the Division of Overseas Chinese and Foreign Students at National Taipei University every March. Please refer to:

【 Ministry of Education Common Scholarship】

+ Financial Aids