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The International Program on Urban Governance at National Taipei University is founded in response to the need for local governments to cope effectively with the rapid urbanization worldwide in general, and China in particular. The Program is aimed at foster leading professionals and academics to promote the practice, research, and education of the discipline of urban governance. In light of the global trends and social needs in Asia, the Program provides the students with learning opportunities for promising careers in urban governance. Given the wide scope of the disciplinary framework, the Program will also have strong impacts on how cities evolve in Taiwan and China and share with institutes in other countries experiences regarding regulating, planning, and governing cities thus learned. The Program thus will serve as a starting point in order to make our world a better place to live. The graduates of the IPUG will compete for jobs that traditionally hire the graduates from other fields, such as urban planning and publication administration, whereas new job market could be continuously created by opportunities other than the ones in public service, such as consulting firms.

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