Special Features

All the courses offered by the Program are taught in English. The curriculum includes, among others, courses in urban planning, public administration and policy, real estate investment, housing, environmental planning, and public finance. All courses are designed to provide insights into urban governance from Chinese perspectives, while retaining their relevance to the current research and innovations in western countries, in particular the U. S. The prospective students are required to take 24 credit hours of courses within two years, including six credit hours of thesis, as the fulfillment of the Master of Urban Governance. In order for the students to learn more about how cities are governed in Chinese perspectives, a workshop course is offered by the Program so that the students can participate in real urban governance situations in the Taipei metropolitan area.

National Taipei University (NTPU) is one of the leading universities in Taiwan with an academic pursuit mainly in social sciences. The College of Public Affairs at NTPU, known for its performance on urban planning and public administration and with which the Program is affiliated, is the home of three departments, two graduate programs, and two research centers, with a focus on research and practice in how to improve human settlements. In particular, the Departments of Real Estate and Built Environment as well as Public Administration and Policy together provide a backbone for the Program in that both Departments jointly constitute the teaching and research areas in urban governance.

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