Message from the IPUG Director

We are now in the City Era or Urban Century. Up to 2050 from now, the world’s urban population will grow by two billion, an addition of about 150,000 people a day. This is equal to adding a city the size of San Shia, New Taipei City every day for the next 37 years. A majority of this growth will occur in developing countries but the scale of urbanization will be most extraordinary in China and India. China already has more than 100 cities with a population of one million or greater. The forms and processes of cities as we see them now are quite distinct from those one hundred years ago emerging from the first wave of urbanization after the industrial revolution. The current cities emerging from the second wave of urbanization most likely triggered by the revolution of information technology become larger and more complex that defy any traditional techniques to harness. In other words, we need to manage cities from an interdisciplinary perspective to plan, regulate, govern, and administrate cities in order to make them a better place to live.

Given this extremely intensive global urbanization and the sea change in technology advancement, cities are taking a different form in development from the previous ones and need much greater care in management and planning. It is the mission of the International Program on Urban Governance at National Taipei University to foster global leaders in urban governance with a theme focused on managing urban complexity to improve human settlements. At the IPUG, the research methodologies include both qualitative and quantitative approaches to urban governance with a focus on the cutting edge techniques to deal with thorny urban issues, such as global urbanization, disasters mitigation, global climate change, and urban regeneration, among others. The courses at the IPUG cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries that offer our students a broad perspective on how cities work and what we can do about it. The faculty at the IPUG all come from different backgrounds and have earned their Ph. D. degrees in renowned institutes in regional planning, public administration, economics, public finance, resources management, etc. The international students we currently have at the IPUG come from all parts of the world and provide an intellectual and cultural mix that is incomparable. While Taiwan is at the heart of Asia, NTPU is located in the Taipei metropolitan area, the capital city of Taiwan. I believe both the exciting intellectual learning environment and the excellent location of NTPU will make your study at the IPUG a worthy one. For those of you who intend to seek a successful career, come and join us!


Shih-Kung Lai

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